Career Tips

The Job Seeking Mistakes We Make

As you probably know from experience, searching for a job is difficult. In fact, the process of finding a job can be viewed as a job itself. If you're struggling to find your dream job, you may be making a few mistakes that are hindering your search. Here are some of the more common job-seeking mistakes that we make.

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Jobs Jack August 28, 2019

How to Keep Your Nervous Habits in Check During a Job Interview

We've all heard the notion that first impressions make a difference in a job interview. Unfortunately, this is a true statement as hiring managers are looking for confident individuals who won't fall prey to pressure or become a victim of their own nervous habits when facing a stressful situation.

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Jobs Jack July 22, 2019

5 Things to Consider before a Career Change

A career change is always a big decision and requires proper consideration. While at it, it is vital to ensure that you are doing it for the right reasons. Here are a few things to consider for a smooth transition.

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Jobs Jack June 20, 2019

Ways to Manage Anxiety During a Job Search

Job searches are inherently stressful endeavors. Between money worries, negotiating employment terms, and seeking out new opportunities, it can be tough to keep your emotions under control. This is especially true for those who suffer from general anxiety. Use these techniques to control anxiety during a job search.

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Jobs Jack May 22, 2019

Transferring Homemaker Skills Into Useful Assets In the Workforce

Are you seeking a job after spending several years without traditional employment? The search for employment may be daunting if your primary job involved ushering children to extracurricular activities and making sure that dinner is on the table each night.

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Jobs Jack April 20, 2019