Career Tips

Transferring Homemaker Skills Into Useful Assets In the Workforce

Are you seeking a job after spending several years without traditional employment? The search for employment may be daunting if your primary job involved ushering children to extracurricular activities and making sure that dinner is on the table each night.

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Jobs Jack April 20, 2019

Making Your Temporary Assignment Your Permanent Employment

Congratulations! The last few weeks have been great in terms of your employ. You have been working at an awesome temporary position. Either the employment agency you have been working with finally got it right this time or you have been able to secure a great temp job on your own.

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Jobs Jack March 20, 2019

Is Your Font Too Friendly?

The font you choose for your resume says a lot about you. Just like your chosen layout and included details, your resume's font gives hiring managers important clues about your personality. A bold font can attract a second look and possibly give you a little extra edge over your competition. Which fonts draw attention without looking unprofessional?

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Jobs Jack February 21, 2019

Job Seeking Is not a Problem It is an Opportunity

When perception and reality align, as they should, a clarity results. That clarity then promotes success. This truth can be applied to literally anything, from a math problem to a job change. Understanding this simple truth also equips us with a powerful tool.

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Jobs Jack January 23, 2019

Transforming your Defence Experience to a Civilian Resume

From a Defence personnel perspective, translating military jargon to civilian terminology is a big challenge. In order to avoid misunderstanding, it's important to write a resume that has recruiters and employers rushing for the phone, leaving your competitors in the pile.

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Jobs Jack December 21, 2018